Obsessed With Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’? Join These Reality Dating Shows

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you’ve already stumbled upon Love Is Blind , Netflix’s new reality dating show that just might be the best thing on TV right now—if not in ever. In history. Part of what makes Love Is Blind so good is the cast of characters. Cameron and Lauren! Please be my parents! Because you’re definitely curious, we tracked down everything we could find about the cast of Love Is Blind , including their Instagram accounts and where they are now. And to watch the full Love Is Blind reunion show —and get the latest updates on your favorite couples—scroll down to the bottom of the post.

Netflix’s Love is Blind is the insane dating show you need to binge watch

The show followed thirty single men and women looking for their soulmate by dating each other over ten days. If a connection is made between a couple, they can only see each other once one of them has proposed and only then will they be united face to face. The lucky couples who get engaged enjoy a pre-wedding honeymoon in Mexico, before moving in together in Atlanta, meeting friends and family and planning their upcoming wedding.

The pressure of fast forwarding through their relationship takes its toll on some couples with cracks beginning to show in the countdown to the wedding. Revived in , it sees ordinary but very attractive young singles enter a villa in Mallorca in an attempt to couple up and find love. The seven series have produced two weddings and a baby and has proved so popular a winter series began in

The show is only four weeks from start to finish, so everything happens in a short timespan. There have been many dating shows, even ones.

Commentary: I totally get why everyone is obsessed with this off-the-rails dating show. On a Sunday night in mid-February, I hit Play on the first episode of Love Is Blind , a Netflix reality dating show that puts daters in pods and asks them to get engaged before laying eyes on each other. Within the first few minutes, I went through the stages of incredulity, shock, disgust and glee that seem to have similarly ripped through other viewers of the show.

The contestants talk to each other through a wall adjoining small rooms, in an effort to make a long-lasting romantic connection without knowing if the other person is “their type. It’s also one of the most popular shows on Netflix at the moment, according to Netflix. I totally understand why. Sitting on the couch, I quickly texted a few of my TV-watching associates, imploring them to also watch because holy smokes: People are crying and confessing their love for each other sight unseen, after a matter of days.

In the post-appointment TV era, I needed other people to witness this with me. For me, at least, diving headfirst into Love Is Blind has been a return to reality TV I wouldn’t — couldn’t — have expected. There’s so much strong TV these days, why carve out any of your precious TV time for something so fluffy when there’s everything from Watchmen to the final season of BoJack Horseman to consume?

In January, The New York Times found that there were more than scripted television shows in Love Is Blind isn’t even my first reality TV show this year, even if it’s the one that underlined that I’ve missed the genre. Immediately preceding it, I watched The Circle, another show about building relationships without seeing faces, only in this case, players communicate through a fake social media platform named, well, The Circle.

Blind Date

Netflix is continuing to push the boundaries of the content it produces with a new reality dating series, which has split opinion amongst viewers. Love is Blind challenges singles to meet, fall in love and get engaged — without ever seeing each other. Read more: Next in Fashion, Netflix, review: Not your standard fame-hungry reality contestants.

For the first 10 days, the participants speed date each other blind, communicating from behind the walls of individual pods.

Bravo dives back into the dating pool with its reboot of the iconic series “Blind Date.” In the age of social media where and Dirty Dancing. Show Highlight.

Every once in a while, something on reality TV comes along that makes you question the sanity of the human race. They can only hear their voice. The episodes have been trickling out for the past three weeks, and the season finale drops this Thursday, so fans will finally get to see if the five engaged couples from the pods will actually go through with the wedding. What makes this show so obviously bonkers is the fact that people are straight-up getting engaged without ever having seen the other person — and knowing them for less than 10 days!

After the pods, the engaged couples head off to Cancun for a romantic vacation, and the best part is, all of the contestants finally get to meet each other, which leads to some pretty awkward moments. Once the pre-honeymoon is over, the couples move into an apartment in Atlanta, and this is when things finally start getting real. Apparently, none of them talked about real-life issues inside the pods, such as finances, living situations or planning for their futures.

Not only is everyone obsessed with the premise of the show, but the contestants have become Instagram famous, with people trying to find out if the couples are still together. Thankful for another day. He specializes in writing about movies, food and the latest TV shows. View this post on Instagram.

New Dating Show ‘Faraway Bae’ Is ‘Love Is Blind’ Meets ‘The Circle’

The new Netflix series Love Is Blind is different from other dating reality shows in that it doesn’t introduce us to all the people on the cast; we only learn about the ones who end up finding love. There are many cast members who we never really meet. There’s others who we barely see. There’s Rory Newbrough , who makes his best impression of a sixth-place finisher on The Bachelorette and gives all the guys advice without actually falling in love.

There’s Westley Baer , who does even less but has a unique name so he’s less difficult to remember. Then there are a ton of ancillary characters who make little to no impact on the game.

As well as original films, TV shows and documentaries, Netflix is also Perhaps Netflix’s most ambitious dating show so far, Love is Blind sees.

Hot on the heels of the surprisingly sweet The Circle , the Netflix algorithm has produced another bingeable reality show. This one is called Love Is Blind , which is hosted by a largely absent real-life celebrity couple—Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who fell in love face-to-face—and brings together a tried and true formula. It sounds like a lofty social experiment, but, dear reader, it most certainly is not.

Love Is Blind begins by dropping 30 young Atlanta singles into an elaborate blind dating facility set for ten days, at the end of which they must either get engaged to a fellow contestant or go home. The men and women live in separate quarters connected by a row of 15 pods, where they begin a rotation of 7-minute speed date sessions to get to know each other. Six couples 12 of the 30 participants make it to this stage of the game. The couples get to meet in person once they are engaged, and after the anonymous Circle -esque portion of the show ends, the novelty of the concept mostly wears off although the show remains dreadfully watchable.

From there, the engaged couples are whisked off to Mexico for a pre-wedding honeymoon in which they begin to cultivate their physical relationships they already have incredibly strong emotional bonds—you could never understand, having not experienced pod-dating yourself.

Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Is Messy. Not In A Good Way.

But its compelling characters made it A-grade reality TV. But it did provide some significant results. And their genuine excitement when they finally met was so palpable you could almost reach out and touch it.

Love Is Blind shows us the attraction of dating shows with a difference – and we can’t wait for season two.

This new show is certainly a new direction for dating shows, but it owes a lot to its messy predecessors. Flavor of Love. This list starts off with the show that is often credited as kicking off the trend of great, trashy dating shows. It also is perhaps the most fantastic, ridiculous dating show to ever grace the television airwaves. The series is reality TV trash at its greatest with countless cat-fights and levels of drama only capable by MTV in the earlys.

Most notably though, Flavor of Love spawned Rock of Love. While Flavor of Love takes a bit to really find its stride, Rock of Love starts off with a bang of partying, drama, and sheer ridiculousness that defines the rest of the series. Both shows are available for streaming on Hulu. This dating show features numerous screaming matches, a true cast of characters, and a fresh format that lends itself to binge-worthy drama. Love Island. Love Island features several contestants, referred to as Islanders, competing in a resort-style environment to win a cash prize and find lasting love.

Based on popularity and their current relationship status, contestants are either kicked off or remain from week to week. Of course, there is a great deal of drama and betrayal that make Love Island a worthwhile dating show.

A Virtual Spinoff of Netflix’s Love Is Blind is Casting in Denver

Like most of the US population, we are currently obsessed with the new hit show on Netflix Love is Blind! Today we are picking apart why we think this has been a viral sensation that has hit our country, and most importantly, what takeaways there are for your business. It may seem odd that we are comparing a reality show about finding love to business but you will be surprised at the similarities — especially when you look beyond what happens in public view.

Love is Blind came out about two weeks ago but Emylee was late to the party since reality television is not her thing, but after watching the trailer, she was hooked! But they can be a rich source of learning life and business lessons. In this episode, we compare relationships to business and the principles that apply equally to both.

Netflix really hit the reality TV jackpot with the release of its new series Love Is Blind, a dating show that features contestants who meet, fall in.

While a second series of Love Is Blind seems practically inevitable after the first season proved to be a viral hit, here are some shows you might enjoy watching in the meantime while waiting for that LIB series 2 announcement…. Extreme Engagement follows an engaged couple as they travel the world for a year to explore different marriage customs and diverse traditions in different countries and cultures. In a much more familiar timeframe for love to blossom, Dating Around is a Netflix show that sees real-life singletons set up on five blind dates.

At the end of each episode, instead of getting engaged or married based on their interactions, they instead choose just one of the people they have dated to invite on a second date. Who says you have to meet someone new in order to find love? Indian film director Karan Johar is on a mission to help tricky singletons overcome their personal struggles and find love in this new dating show from Netflix India.

With help from celebrity guests and a glam squad, Karan helps six different people, from a fashion designer running from romance to a jet-setter with high expectations for a life partner, experience memorable dates worthy of a Bollywood-style romance with potential love matches.

Dating Around

I have long been fascinated with TV dating shows. As a middle-aged dater, I find myself responding with a combination of both horror and relief. The latest dating show incarnation is Netflix’s Love is Blind , which riffs off the idea of falling in love with a voice. Participants spend 10 days turns talking to each other in special “pods”, where they can hear, but not see, their potential love interests. They then get engaged without meeting face-to-face or they leave the “experiment”alone, because on TV, anything in between is apparently not an option.

Like every other dating show, Love is Blind claims to be about love, but, like every other dating show, it is actually about feelings.

Netflix’s new reality show ‘Love is Blind’, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey is a cross between the anonymity of The Circle and the speedy.

Think Catholic confessional meets Tinder. Roughly 10 days later, after much gabbing, those who share a strong connection get engaged and meet for the first time before jetting off for a honeymoon-esque stay in Mexico. If, after all of that, the spark remains, the couples exchange vows and join the ranks of other made-for-television love stories. The episode series is being released as a three-week event. The first five episodes were released last week; the next four episodes are now available to stream.

The finale will air on Feb. The Times talked with creator and executive producer Chris Coelen about the show that has viewers confused, curious and totally committed. Coelen is no stranger to the relationships-made-on-TV world. As the head of L. And if you could start with pure love, is that love enough to survive in what is a really polarized world, a really judgmental world and a really detached world?

How do we make it a deep experience? How do we start with love? And some people were less conventionally attractive, and ultimately we were only able to follow so many stories.


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